First communion dresses, tailored to dream.

Mon Air means…
dancing in my air…
in our air.

The garments we design not only look to the future.

They have a vintage feel that evokes past times
but not forgetting the present.

We give soul and shape to every single design and name them
in a way they cannot go unnoticed in time.

Driven by a great passion for well-done clothes,
with special care in the essence and forms,we ventured to create
our own brand.

We dress for special occasions: first communions, ceremonies,
weddings and arras (wedding coins).

Our concept develops the idea of versatility.

The designs have double essence, which changes…
depending on the complements we combine them with.

Monday to Friday
Mornings: 10 a 14 H
Evenings: 16:30 a 19 H
Agreda Street, 6 detached house- 28033 Madrid (Arturo Soria-Chamartin zone)
91-7665614 (only mornings)
617472842 Chiqui Navarro
655246069 Encarna Giraldez