Atelier dresses

Our Atelier in Madrid, cradle of the 80’s music, where singles of great artists were produced and recorded, was reconverted into a workshop where new song made of tulle, silks, laces and pure cotton were created.

Inspired by the Parisian Haute Couture Club and following the trend of the bohemian-chic creators’ workshops from Soho (New York), Tokyo and Milan, we make tailored garments with a unique and personalized result.

Visiting our space is a unique experience where creation and fantasy are attainable dreams.

Returning to the origins of the fashion world where ideas are created, giving a warm and familiar service to our clients, faithfully reflects Mon Air concept.

Dancing in our air…in the air that fills our girls and moms with joy and excitement.

atelier vestidos

How to buy atelier dresses

MON AIR is specialized in the creation of First Communion and Ceremony Collections.

The designs, complements and fabrics are exclusive to our brand.

The orders received will be specially made for each client.

You have the possibility of ordering them as presented or choosing from our wide range of fabrics and accessories; always counting on our help and advice.

To contact MON AIR:

    • *Web: through form.
    • *Atelier (Showroom-Workshop): By previous appointment, if you live or come to Madrid we invite you to meet us to better define your choice.


After selecting the design, it will take about 30-40 days until your delivery arrives, depending on the time of the year.

At the height of First Communions (February to May), these days can be extended considerably.

The order formalization will be done by means of a signal of 50% of the total value, and the rest by the time the order is delivered.